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CareAdvisors is on a mission to improve healthcare equity in the U.S. We are a fast-moving, minority-owned technology company that helps millions of individuals gain rapid access to healthcare and social service benefits by automating the manual enrollment process taken on by healthcare providers. Our technology also enables healthcare organizations to reduce uncompensated care costs and delays in treatment and payments. We are led by a founding team that has over 10 years of experience building community resource directories that address social needs and access to care.
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Datalogz is a BI Ops solution that enables teams to bridge the gaps in their business intelligence environment.
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Eleven is a technology company moving the alternative investments industry online and to a more connected, scalable future. We serve as the underlying digital infrastructure to power transactions and online engagement for participants throughout the ecosystem. It is about driving investor engagement, automating workflows, boosting productivity, accelerating transactions, generating revenue and growing at scale. Simply, Eleven is technology for turning your business, operations and growth up to eleven. Fund administrators use Eleven as their single operating system to service clients and investors, scale operational processes and efficiency, avoid big technology spending and complex systems, win new business and increase revenue in a fully integrated environment centered around every client in any jurisdiction.
Instant Teams is a remote-first, tech-enabled solution building high-quality customer support and operational teams. Our remote teams are built with military spouses and underserved talent communities enabling 24/7 support around the globe. Our technology platform, Arti, solves two major problems in the customer support industry - getting high-quality talent and retaining talent after they are onboarded with built-in workforce development. With remote work and people first best practices and HR automation, Instant Teams is a plug-and-play B2B enterprise solution for scaling and managing support operations. Customers include Walmart, Amazon, CrowdStrike, Assurance, SeeSaw, and more.
NetRise has developed an automated, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive insight into the many risks present in a firmware image. These risks and associated artifacts are presented in a clear and concise manner allowing consultants, operators and SOC analysts alike to take appropriate action and begin to address the risks presented by firmware in their environment.
Overwatch Imaging develops automated airborne imaging solutions for time-critical missions in challenging environments. Cutting-edge software and smart sensor payloads leverage the latest advancements in computer vison, GPU processing, Artificial Intelligence, and sensor fusion to scan wide areas, find small objects of interest and deliver actionable geospatial intelligence quickly and efficiently. The company was founded in 2016 in Hood River, Oregon, and serves customers in six continents around the world, with missions ranging from fire, flood, and oil spill mapping to counter narcotics, border security, tactical intelligence, and search and rescue.
Our prime directive is designing AI systems that humans can instinctively use to help them do their best work. Primordial was founded in 2021 with this goal in mind. While we are a new company, we’re not new to the defense mission. Our founders spent over two decades as senior technical leaders at Lockheed Martin, where they worked on applying AI/ML across Lockheed’s broad portfolio of platforms and sensors. Our 9-person team now consists of senior engineers with experience at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, IBM, and Thales along with Marine Special Operations (MARSOC) veterans. This combination of technical excellence, industry experience, and operational know-how allows us to put the operator first and design with scalability in mind. We are venture backed and committed to delivering value in the defense sector.
Resupply is on a mission to make giving simple. We support a network of charities and nonprofits nationwide to resupply their stores with clothes, furniture, and household goods directly from donors in their community. If you pack it and schedule a pickup, we’ll resupply it.
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Shift5 is a cybersecurity company that provides hardware and software solutions to defend operational technology (OT) platforms, such as planes, satellites, ground combat vehicles and large-scale mining and construction vehicles.
The Sicura platform integrates security and compliance into DevOps workflows, saving customers millions and giving DevOps engineers their time back.
​​Squadra Ventures is a venture capital firm led by founder-operators that invests in early-stage cyber and national security companies. We apply significant resources beyond the check, working hand-in-hand with our entrepreneurs to win and leave a lasting positive impact on the world.
For HR professionals that struggle to track and comply with federal, state, and local employment and labor law requirements, we offer an automated chatbot that diagnosis your legal requirements under all applicable laws, giving you legal guidance in minutes - no research required