Machine Learning Engineer: Natural Language Processing

Primordial Labs

Primordial Labs

Software Engineering
United States
Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2023

What We Do:

Primordial Labs is building Anura, the next-generation human-machine interface. Anura allows operators to command, control and collaborate with uncrewed systems through natural language, just like they would with a human teammate. Our job is to make it easier for warfighters to wield the power of autonomous systems on the battlefield.

Job Description:

(Please Note: This is a 100% remote position that requires residence in the United States.)

We're looking for machine learning engineers with a background in natural language processing. Candidates with expertise in any of the following areas are highly desirable:

  • Natural language understanding
  • Dialog state tracking
  • Natural language generation
  • Speech-to-text & text-to-speech algorithms
  • Strategies for optimizing and deploying transformer networks on embedded devices

As a company co-founded and led by engineers, we are focused on developer experience. We promise to minimize distractions (read: meetings) and to provide tools which maximize productivity. We are also committed to providing competitive total compensation, including profit sharing.

What You'll Do:

We are a small company, so you can expect to be an integral part of all phases of product development. Including lots and lots of flight testing. Here are a few examples of how you’ll contribute to the development of Anura:

  • Improve the robustness of our offline speech-to-text engine so it can operate in extremely cluttered environments.
  • Infer drone operator's intent and integrate with our AI decision making and platform/sensor control engines.
  • Support the design and implementation of our upcoming tactical dialog state tracking system.

About You:

There are no educational requirements. We're more interested in projects you've worked on - both on the job and on the side. So please be prepared to discuss those! The ideal candidate will have excellent Python skills and be adept in at least one ML framework (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.).

Application Process:

We have a two-stage interview process.

The first stage is a screener which is a combination of technical discussion about relevant engineering concepts as well as your past experience. This screener is generally around 30 minutes.

After the screener, if both sides believe it makes sense, we will provide you with an 'offline' coding test. This test is done on your own time, at your own pace, so you do not feel the pressure of coding live with us watching. We want you to do your best with a clear mind and free of interview jitters. The questions are a combination of algorithm and system design. Once you complete the test, we'll all hop back on another call and you will walk us through your code. We are not just looking for the right answers, we're interested in your thought processes and technical approach.

We are committed to a low-stress interview experience and promise there will be no trick questions or brain teasers!